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6 Ideas for a Unique Ladies Night Out



Men have plenty of opportunities to hang out together — going to a sporting event or even watching one on TV. But, unfortunately, it seems like the ladies are often left to thinking of something interesting to do together. So, we’ve got some great 6 Ideas for a Unique Ladies Night Out that you can do regularly — regardless of your age!

1. Wine & Pictures Night

Do you have tons of pictures taking up space in your camera and on your smartphone? Gather with the ladies once a month to have a little fun and good conversation with your friends — and multitask. Sometimes it’s hard to make the time to do some of the projects and tasks you’d like to accomplish, so do them together!

Have a theme wine night once a month, featuring a certain type like pinot noir or cabernet, or focus on a particular region like California or Italy. Whether you rotate one person bringing enough for everyone or you each bring a bottle, it’s a great way to try some new wines!

Then, while you’re chatting, use the time to bring your camera and your computer to upload those photos. You can go through and erase all the duplicate pictures, edit them, and even upload them to your favorite website to have your photos delivered right to your door. Once you do this a couple times, you won’t have that many pictures to take care of so you can spend more time catching up with your girlfriends.

2. Scrapbooks and Appetizers

So, you’ve already cleared out your camera and you have containers of pictures already developed, just taking up space in your closet? It’s time to do something with all those photos!

Round up some empty photo albums, scrapbook albums and scrapbook materials and head to your friend’s house (or yours) once a month to put those albums together. You can share tools and scrapbook stickers and pages with each other, and gain inspiration for your next project by seeing what everyone else is doing.

Don’t forget to throw in some appetizers! Everyone can bring their own, or the host can plan to supply enough for everyone. Look up some new and creative ideas on Pinterest (special holiday appetizers, themed foods and anything else you can think of) and gush over how much you’re expanding your palate and cooking inventory.

3. Date Night

Who says date nights have to be romantic?! Schedule a date night with your best gals once a month for some quality time together over dinner and a movie.

Have one person pick the restaurant and chick flick the first month and rotate to another friend the next time. Or, talk about doing theme months. You can go with the Italian theme, complete with Italian restaurant and dressing up like you’re going to Italy! Add some more intrigue by each learning a few Italian words and phrases during the month leading up to your date night so you can fully immerse yourselves into the theme.

Even if there isn’t a good movie playing in the theatre, you can always rent a movie to watch at someone’s home. If a Redbox rental isn’t working out, try streaming a film on Netflix or Amazon right to your television. Or check out what’s On Demand. Movies are always more fun when you watch them with others who enjoy them, too.

4. Shop Until You Drop

 Unique Ladies Night Out - Lifestyle Lift Blog

Whether it’s window shopping at upscale boutiques, power shopping at the local mall or hunting for bargains at garage sales and antique shops, gather the girls and shop together! It’s helpful to get ideas when you’re redecorating or even updating your home — or adding to your curb or backyard appeal.

Schedule a day once a month to get together for shopping — even if you’re not buying anything in particular, since you can chat and just “look.” Decide what everyone’s goals are for that month and pick a location most suitable. Or, if you’re really looking for something fun, plan a weekend trip centered on shopping. Depending on your location, you can drive to a big city, do the World’s Longest Yard Sale down highway I-75 in August, or even book a flight to somewhere like New York City.

5. Ladies’ Choice

Even though your group of friends and family have a common bond and probably share some similar interests, there are sure to be some things that you enjoy that others haven’t tried — and vice versa. So, offer up a Ladies’ Choice event each month and rotate who picks what you’re going to do.

For instance, you may be a theatre buff and decide one month that everyone should go to the local theatre production of “Fiddler on the Roof.” Your best friend may be more into music and decide to attend an orchestra event. And maybe your sister would like to take dance lessons and learn to tango. Or, maybe you’d like a spa day and all splurge for new haircuts (find the best haircut for your face shape here).

If you’re stumped, check out these 5 Interesting Hobbies for Any Age and start enjoying something fun together! Whatever it is, be open to new experiences each month — and look forward to what new skill or endeavor you’ll be enjoying!

6. Get a Lifestyle Lift Together

Have you and your circle of lady friends been contemplating how to look younger? You can! And it’s a lot easier than you may think. Call Lifestyle Lift to find out how you can look rejuvenated and refreshed — and do it together! The buddy system makes everything better, even visiting Lifestyle Lift. Schedule your FREE consultation and start making plans for your next big Ladies Night Out!

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