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5 Best Acne Treatments of 2015


#1 Nanocleanse

Best Acne Treatment of 2013

Effectiveness : 4.8/5
Speed of Results : 4.9/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.7/5
Long-Term Results : 4.7/5
Product Safety : 4.8/5
Overall Value : 4.8/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Retail Price: $49.99

Lowest Price: $29.95

NanoCleanse is delivering amazing acne eliminating results in just 72 hours! Quickly becoming one of the most popular acne cleansers on the market, NanoCleanse provides one of the best ways to clear your skin at a great price. Formulated with a combination of the most powerful prescription-strength acne-fighting ingredients, NanoCleanse helps you get a clear, beautiful complexion without the side effects. The best part is NanoCleanse is GUARANTEED to clear your skin or you get your money back.

NanoCleanse is the ultimate acne cure that works with the skin as it cleanses, penetrates, and kills acne-causing bacteria in just hours. There’s never been a better cure for your acne to get the complexion you really want. Dermatologist-recommended NanoCleanse is flying off the shelves as more and more people discover the amazing benefits of this powerful acne cleanser. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $29.95

#2 Acnepril

Top acnepril

Effectiveness : 4.8/5
Speed of Results : 4.9/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.7/5
Long-Term Results : 4.7/5
Product Safety : 4.6/5
Overall Value : 4.9/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Retail Price: $79.97

Lowest Price: $29.99

While Acnepril isn’t an acne cleanser it is a powerful acne fighting product that has been proven to be highly effective over the years. Acnepril has become the Best-Selling Acne Pill on the market today! One reason for Acnepril’s widespread popularity has been due to Acnepril’s unique mechanism that works far beneath the surface of your skin as a powerful acne cleanser. For those with sensitive skin who have not seen results with topical acne products, Acnepril contains a powerful formula that often surpasses the effectiveness of even the top prescription acne medications. Unlike doctor-prescribed medications, Acnepril delivers permanent acne-removing results with no side effects as it works to heal and eliminate acne from the inside.

If you are one of the millions who have tried multiple topical acne creams with limited or no results, Acnepril is the best remedy for you. Even if you already have a topical application that works for you, but are looking to enhance your results and limit breakouts even more, we suggest Acnepril. With a 100% Money Back Guarantee, Acnepril PROMISES acne eliminating results or you get your money back! Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $29.99

#3 Pronexin

Top Pronexin

Effectiveness : 4.7/5
Speed of Results : 4.5/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.5/5
Long-Term Results : 4.6/5
Product Safety : 4.9/5
Overall Value : 4.5/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Retail Price: $79.99

Lowest Price: $29.99

Pronexin is the Top All-Natural Acne Cleanser remedy on the market. Developed with 33 of the best natural acne-fighting ingredients available, Pronexin safely leaves your skin feeling healthy and more importantly looking clear in just 72 hours. Pronexin gives you all you need to beat your acne in a safe way with a simple 1-step acne treatment.

Pronexin’s powerful acne-fighting ingredients wash away acne-causing bacteria while providing the support your skin needs to prevent future acne from developing. At just $0.33 a day, you can get the ultimate acne medication at the best possible price. Every bottle lasts 3 to 4 months so you aren’t spending a fortune just to get clear skin. The best part is, if it doesn’t work for you, just return your empty bottle and you’ll receive a full refund including the shipping cost! How’s that for a Money Back Guarantee? Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $29.99

#4 Acsonix

Top Acsonix

Effectiveness : 4.7/5
Speed of Results : 4.7/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.7/5
Long-Term Results : 4.8/5
Product Safety : 4.7/5
Overall Value : 4.7/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Retail Price: $39.95

Lowest Price: $19.95

Acsonix is a fast-acting acne pill that’s powerful enough to eliminate acne while providing your skin with essential nutrients to prevent future breakouts. Acsonix works with the natural acne-fighting mechanisms enhancing its ability to eliminate acne forever.

Acsonix works from within to kill acne-causing bacteria with powerful all-natural cleansing ingredients. Acsonix delivers exactly what the skin needs to beat acne fast while leaving the skin perfectly balanced, smooth and beautifully healthy. By balancing the skin’s pH levels and completely eliminating toxins and waste, Acsonix gives your skin exactly what it needs for a healthy, smooth, acne-free complexion! Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $19.95

#5 Acnevva

Top Acnevva

Effectiveness : 4.6/5
Speed of Results : 4.6/5
Ingredient Quality : 4.6/5
Long-Term Results : 4.7/5
Product Safety : 4.6/5
Overall Value : 4.6/5

Money-Back Guarantee: 90 Days

Retail Price: $129.99

Lowest Price: $29.99

Acnevva is the only acne cleanser made with such a high concentration of tea tree oil that you’ll see your acne disappear in less than 3 days. Widely touted as the most effective all natural acne fighting ingredient, Tea tree oil has been clinically proven to be just as effective as 5% benzoyl peroxide (the ingredient used in most cheap acne products). The best part is that unlike benzoyl peroxide, Tea Tree Oil does not contain the side effects associated with chemically-derived benzoyl peroxide. If you have suffered from side effects like red, dry, itchy skin while using an acne treatment, then Acnevva is the best acne cleanser for you.

This super intense acne serum is non-drying and side-effect free. Guaranteed to produce visible results within 72 hours, Acnevva is backed by a 100% no-nonsense Money Back Guarantee. Acnevva is easily one of the best products on the market, which is why we have no hesitation in recommending it to everyone struggling with acne and other related skin problems. Read More…

Lowest Price We Found: $29.99

Your Health And Fitness

weight loss tampa
Do you need some help staying on the right road when it comes to your health? How many diets do you think you have gone in the last 10 years? Why do we do that to ourselves?

One way to pay more respect to ourselves and get results is to use the email fitness tip of the week. The fitness tip of the week is advice that gives me a new aspect to focus on every week, since I am not focusing on a particular part of my body,

I am trying to stay just at a general level of healthy. Often the fitness tip of the week just gives me new stretches to do. If this is the case then I will spend all week stretching, working all my muscles so I will be limber all over.

I will take the most recent tip with the and put it with the rest of the tips I can remember and have a routine workout. Or when the tip of the week focuses on a specific part of the body then that is what I work on for that week.

I have spent a week working on my core , then several weeks doing sit ups with variations and each focusing on a different part of my body. One week it was about running so I ran both short and long distances. Then one week I did deep knee lunges.

This program is hard to get bored with because of the changes they make every week. When you are just about to reach the point of being tired of that particular exercise they change and put in a new one.

It keeps you balanced, engaged, and active. And if you try something and you like it and it feels good doing it then you will continue to do it. You stay healthy and you learn at the same time.

Medical Foot Solutions Review

Medical Foot Solutions have offices in Burlington and Milton, which makes it easy to get the chiropody care that you need in the Ontario area. The company was founded by Johnathon Haslehurst and Ruth Avelino who have more than forty years experience between them, which helps to ensure that all clients get the best possible foot care in the area.

Whatever treatment you need from your chiropodist, whether you have a condition such as flat feet, or you are suffering from pain in your heel, Medical Foot Solutions will be able to help. The treatments that they offer are very advanced and the clinics also offer preventative treatments that will stop any problems developing in the future.

As well as treatments for your feet, Medical Foot Solutions are also able to offer a wide range of foot care products that can also help address your specific needs. Your chiropodist will be able to recommend suitable products for you during your consultation.

About Weller & Zimaro Chartered Accountants

Weller & Zimaro Chartered Accountants is regarded as one of the best accounting firms that’s currently in operation. Far too many accounting firms will only offer a limited range of services to their clients. The financial industry is constantly changing, and accounting firms have to be able to change with it and recognize the diverse range of factors that will affect their clients.

Weller & Zimaro Chartered Accountants can provide their clients with bookkeeping, business consulting services, audits, payroll, reviews, taxation, GST, and notice to readers.Weller & Zimaro Chartered Accountants will work very closely with each individual client, making sure that everything is in order with them.

One of the most important parts of the relationship between accounting firms and their clients is trust. Clients are trusting their accountants with a lot of extremely important financial information, giving their accountants a great deal of power. Many accountants manage to save their clients thousands of dollars or millions of dollars over the course of their professional relationships, while other accountants only help them maintain the financial status quo.

Weller & Zimaro Chartered Accountants is an accounting firm that will help clients become more financially successful. The firm has demonstrated that it is a trustworthy outlet for people that are trying to improve their financial circumstances.

My Weekend With Kim Kardashian’s Crazy Nails

Freakishly pale and cursed with an ass that will remain pancake-flat no matter how many Instagram squat challenges I take on, I adore the Kardashians but will, sadly, never resemble them. In my naïve quest to look even slightly like America’s royal family, I have to resort to changing the affordable things I can control, which is why I spent two and a half hours in a trendy Lower East Side nail boutique last week to get hands that resemble (albeit fatter and pastier) versions of Kim Kardashian’s legendary doll hands.

If I was going to get a Kardashian manicure, I had to do it right, so I eschewed my vaguely sketchy neighborhood joint and called in the experts. Vanity Projects, a “luxury nail art atelier” that looks like a gallery space, doesn’t just have manicurists, it has nail artists in residence, and their work makes your $10 Chinatown manicure look like you stuck your hand in a can of paint. Some of the Vanity Projects artists even had the honor of doing Kylie’s and Kendall’s nails for a Steve Madden ad campaign. Now these chic professional artists who had once caressed Kardashian palms were going to have to spend hours manipulating my normal-person hands.

When I showed my designer, Maco, Kim’s recent Instagram of her bold transition from short to long nails, she knew exactly what to do, using a Nail de Dance form to apply inch-long acrylics in the Japanese style with a beautiful nude finish. Two and a half hours and some delightful nail-salon gossip later, I had my Kim Kardashian manicure. My outfit may have still looked like I was on the way to a middle-school sleepover, but my hands were sitting front row at Paris Fashion Week. It was perfect — until two minutes later, when I had to use the bathroom.

There are certain things you can’t do with lengthy acrylic nails, no matter how expertly applied and beautifully lacquered. Typing this, for example, not only takes much longer than it would with a typical manicure, but it also feels like my nail beds are being pried open with tiny needles. Simple adult tasks, like popping birth control out of the foil or putting in contacts, require Herculean effort and incredible patience. Within moments of having the nails applied, I revert back to a neonate state, unable to pull up my own tights in the perfectly appointed salon bathroom. I stand hovering next to the sink, my tight bunched around my knees. Am I going to have to call for help and beg one of these beautiful fashion women to help me yank my Spanx up? Should I just … take my tights off? Why don’t they have one of those emergency cords you can pull like in hospital bathrooms? Is this the dumbest thing I’ve ever done to look like a Kardashian? (Not even close.) Centuries later, I finally get my tights up and, on my way out of the salon, I notice a chic woman, dressed in all-black, showing the same photo of Kim Kardashian’s hands to her nail architect. I’m sure four more women will come in with the same picture by day’s end.

Back at the office, I realize I will never again type at a normal speed or place my hands anywhere near my face without incurring a cornea injury. Swiping through Instagram is now a heinous ordeal, and untying my running shoes is an exercise in godlike patience. I have to ask my co-worker to open my Diet Coke. I am a helpless child. But damn, my nails look good.

On Saturday, I go home to babysit my two little sisters, 4- and 2-year-old girly-girls who turn out to be equal parts fascinated and horrified by my new look. “They’re PLASTIC?” Maddie, 4, asks from her car seat, looking like she might throw up. “They’re so sharp! You’re going to scratch me!” Charlotte won’t stop touching them. Her verdict is in: “They’re really weird.”

Later, when we’re lying in bed before nap time, Maddie becomes more emboldened with her critique. “I hate them,” declares the child who loves painted nails so much she begs me to give her a manicure every time I come home. “They look like a monster’s nails.” She turns her small face away in disgust. As she falls asleep, I hold my hand out in front of my face and marvel at my beautiful manicure. Sure, I can no longer dial 911 in the event of an emergency or button my own jeans, but Kim K. has a BlackBerry and a million pairs of latex pants that don’t require buttoning, so perhaps I should consider the nails an opportunity to revamp the other non-Kardashian aspects of my life. Maybe having monster talons is the ultimate luxury, because you can no longer do a single thing for yourself, instead relying on the kindness of stylists to pull your pants up for you or, in my case, the owner of the downstairs bodega to clasp on your bracelet.

The next day is Charlotte’s 3rd birthday, and I decide the best birthday present I can give her is to file down the nails to a tolerable length that will no longer freak her out or cause a small chemical fire when attempting to light her birthday candles. I hack away at them for 20 minutes, first with a nail cutter and then a sharp file, until my dad comes over with a small garbage can and says in the same tone he used for scolding me in high school: “Please do not remove those things on my couch.” Once free of the nail-prison, I can’t help but celebrate. “Are there any cans that need opening?” I sing. “I can do that now!”

Maddie and Charlotte are relieved that my hands appear relatively normal again. “I’m glad that’s over,” Maddie says, as if we have both just returned back from a harrowing ordeal we must never again discuss.

Would I get long talon nails again? Probably not. But in New York, where a professional set of gel acrylics will set you back more than $100, it’s a small price to pay to feel slightly more like a Kardashian. With nails like that, your hands automatically transform mundane tasks like swiping your MetroCard or applying lotion into exercises in glamour. As it turns out, a set of gorgeous acrylics is a signifier of wealth far more potent than any luxury car or designer shoes. Unlike a Céline bag, a four-inch manicure says, “I not only volunteered to make myself a functionally useless human being, but I paid for it, too.”

How to Have Greasy Hair and Not Look Crazy

The wet-hair look was all over the spring 2015 runways. Sure, it looks good in the context of high fashion — but, we wondered, could we actually pull it off in real life? (There’s a fine line, after all, between channeling Beyoncé in the “Drunk in Love” video and looking like someone who left the house without remembering to rinse out conditioner.) Here, Michael Angelo of Wonderland Beauty Parlor (now celebrating its tenth anniversary) shows us how to get the “wet-hair” look — without looking like a drowned rat.

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Step 1: Start by lightly misting the top half of your head with water. For this style to look best, you’ll need some texture in your hair for contrast.


Step 2: Comb water midway through (about a quarter of the length of the hair shaft) using a fine-tooth comb, such as this hairstylist favorite from Y.S.Park. Using a fine-tooth comb is important, as you’ll want to actually see the imprint of the comb’s teeth in the hair once you add the gel in Step 3.

Related: How to Give Yourself a Salon-Worthy Manicure


Step 3: Next, use about a walnut-size amount of high-shine gel (such as Oribe Rock Hard Gel) and use it to push and smooth the hair into place. You’ll want to smooth the gel onto the hair until about ear-length. Michael Angelo chooses to use a gel, rather than a mousse or spray, for pliability and to achieve the high shine of the look. 


Step 4: Note that Michael Angelo is not combing the gel through the hair, since he doesn’t want to create a crunchy or matted texture. Not combing the gel through also preserves the sleekness of the look and the teeth marks from the comb, which add texture to the look. 


Step 5: For further smoothness, you can also play with the gel and try molding the hair closer to your face.

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Step 6: You can also mist a hairspray to hold the style into place (Angelo is using Shu Uemura’s Detail Master.)


Step 7: Add a few bobby pins around the ears to further pin the wet portion of the hair into place. 


Step 8: The finished look.

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Hair Styles Pictures for all Hair Types

☼ Its Free to be a member in the Pictures of Hairstyles Gallery, Register and you can print, e-card, comment and rate a hair style picture. We will also add your email to our Hair Style News Letter and keep you updated on new pictures added to the hair styles gallery along with hairstyle and hair care tips.

The hair styles are pictures of real people, with real hairstyles and hairdos We now feature a few pictures of celebrity hairstyles. Visit the Hair Tips section where you will find practical information to help you choose a hairstyle along with hair care advice – Face Shape and Hair, How to Choose the Hairstyle Right for You.

Hair Styles Pictures Gallery

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Braided Hairstyle with 2 Pony Tail Braids1199 views
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Introducing HairDressing MasterCourse

hair training videos
” Learn How To Cut And Style Great Hair Like The Professionals In 2 Hours With Your Own Personal Trainer On 4 Volumes Of DVDs…”

You’ll finally be able to style your own hair without paying for expensive makeovers!

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Virtual Hair Makeover – Look and Feel Your Best

Bob hairstyle with full fringe bangs

Whenever your wearing an outfit that fits perfectly and is the right color your day always seems to go better. The same is true of your hair and hairstyle. If your style is cut to compliment your face and is the right color all is well.

Most women agree that hair has a lot to do with how we feel. Let’s say you have decided to cut your long hair. How do you know whether a shorter cut will work in your favor. Will it compliment your face and body? Should you choose a style that looks wonderful on your favorite celebrity?

That may not be a great idea because celebrity hairstyles change with the wind. A cut that looks good on someone else may not make you feel good or comfortable. To save yourself unnecessary drama and try on a few thousand virtual hairstyles before you cut.

Bigger, Better, Reinvented!
1000’s of Hairstyles


Curly Hair – A Curly Hair Guide to Looking Good

Long Curly Hairstyle Picture

The straight look might be the in thing now but curly hair definitely continues to be in fashion. Through ages, naturally curly hair has been a proof of beauty, versatility and sexiness that is usually considered lacking in the straight hair.

For instance, look at Hollywood star Minnie Driver. The brunette’s sexy curls make her a favorite among photographers and also among the best looking divas who continue to be unfazed by the straight hair look that’s sweeping in.

Depending on your face shape and personality, curly hair can be remodeled into a range of hairstyles that can look sleek as well sexy at the same time. If it is of the medium length leave it loose and let it frame your face in an umbrella like fashion, naturally defining your facial features. At the same time, it will soften the contours of your face and give you a fresh youthful look.

In fact, layers look great on curly hair. A professional hairstylist will know the exact layers and style that will flatter the face shape. This kind of hair usually is best if left loose.

Curly hair does not necessarily mean that you are out of fashion. Take, for example, Sarah Jessica Parker, another celebrity with curly hairstyle credentials that are beyond question.  She carries her hairstyle with elan, and despite the current straight hair fashion trend, refuses to alter the natural wave of her hair thus compromising her hair’s health. Curly unlike straight hair, never has the chance to look limp and boring.

What is then the best curly hairstyle to have? Well, experts suggest that the best curly hairstyle that you can have is the one that combines your hairstyle as well as the care for your hair. If you are blessed with naturally curly air, love it. Nourish it and take care of it instead of going to extreme limits to straighten it to be a part of the fashion crowd. Apart from long flowing wavy hair, short cults too look great on curly hair. Make a short bob that envelops your face and you can retain for a long time your youthful schoolgirl look.

Choose a hairstylist who understands your basic hair structure and respects curls. He will know ways to cut your curly hair to make you look and feel fashionable. Do not go to hairstylist who will make you feel down for having a hair that cannot be easily straightened. Remember, the whole idea is to look good and glamorous and not just to have a straight hair and be in fashion.

Keep in mind that it is quite tough to maintain curly hair than it is to manage other hair types. So make sure that you take proper care of your hair and especially wash them daily.  Do not brush or comb them too vigorously as they tend to damage the natural shape of the hair. Consequently, the hair will look very drab and dull.

Perms might be out of fashion, but curly and wavy hair are still very much in. So do not be disheartened if you have curly hair; make the best use of your hairstylist that brings out the best in your hair and makes you proud of your curls.

Remember, straightening might not be good for the health of your hair, especially if it is very curly.

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7 Must have beauty products everyone should own


Makeup can make any woman look pretty and attractive but most of the women don’t know how much makeup they should put on and what product to use. A well-stocked makeup bag is everyone’s wish but the most essential thing of all is the right product. Only choosing the right product can give you the appropriate look on your face. Products that you can take anywhere easily. Not necessary that you need to take all the products but just the important ones.

Ladies fail to understand what products they have to use, instead they use what they should not. Today we will tell you what Celebrity makeup artist Jill Powell has to say. She will share ten products that give you a flawless look for daytime and nigh time. Before telling you the products you need to make sure what your skin type is, what complexion you have etc. Only then you can start with the basics. According to Jill Powell, most women have no clue what to do with all the products. That is the time when you should try the basic makeup techniques. In order to start the top  few products that you must have are as follows.


You need to know where and what product is to be used on the face:Concealer.Concealer is use to hide the dark eye circles under the eye and since it is creamy like texture it hides the spots on the face. Foundation.To uneven the skin tone you need to apply foundation over the face. This way the skin complexion will look balanced and clear. You can also use a moisturizer on the face if you don’t want to use foundation.Blush.To add colour to the cheeks, apply a little blush on the face. There are variety of colour tones in blush. Translucent powder.For shining you need to apply the translucent powder. Only a little amount is enough for the skin. Mascara.


Defining your eyes is very essential. For  this you should use mascara over the lashes because it will enhance the lash length. You can also find coloured mascara. Neutral eye shadow.For this you can use only a beige colour eye shadow. This will give a natural look to the eyes. A Eye liner.You can use your darker shade of eye shadow as a liner along the lashes—or use a dark brown or black pencil to create a thin line that will define and enhance your eyes.


Lipstick.Colour on the lips of a little gloss can complete the basic makeup. Apply colour that matches your dress. You can achieve a beautiful look with only these products. No need to apply too much of foundation or dark colours. By know you must know what to have in your makeup bag. All these products can come in $ 20. They are easily available at makeup stores or departmental stores.

The Top 45+ Funky Hairstyles for Teenage Girls To Try This season

All the teenage girls looking for cool  funky hairstyles? Then this is the right post for you. Don’t forget to read the entire post for some amazing hair styling ideas.Teenage girls always prefer for funky styles whether it’s dressing or hairstyle. They go for the easiest hairstyles and which are comfortable for daily routine. A good hairstyle can enhance your entire look.

Whether it’s an event or for a regular day, girls pay much attention on their hairstyle as it is an essential part after dressing. Styling hair is as important as dressing. If hairstyle is not up to the mark, it will make you look dull.A perfect hairstyle will make you look even more glamorous. To enhance the beauty the girl or the women have to pay much attention on their hair. Hairstyles keep changing, girls prefer funky looks where as women prefer very sober and decent hairstyles. Teenage girls who have short, medium or long hair can try out different funky ways to style their hair.

cute hairstyles for round face girls

Bows, curls, braids, layers, tails and a lot more can be styles on the hair. Young girls usually copy hairstyles from the television shows or they take ideas from the magazines. Girls having curly hair can easily straighten their hair by using straightening machines whereas girls with straight hair can curl them by a curler. They are easily available in the stores.Young girls can also wear headbands and clips on their hair. Different kind of funky clips are also available in the markets. For distinctive designs and styles one can go for up-do’s, braids, buns, French plait and fishtail mesh.

Only a little effort can change the look and may you look beautiful. Plenty of tutorials are also available online where you could watch and try out different funky looks. In order to leave a positive impression of yourself on the people one has to be properly dressed and hair is an important factor of one’s personality.With school and other activities girls have to be constantly on the go and have to look good. Girls need to select a neat and pretty hairstyle that is easy to style and does not take much time. Comb and a hair dryer are must have to style hair at home.College girls are always ready to try up different hair styles no matter what the outcome may look like. Whether it is about the hair cut, hair color or hair style girls don’t hesitate and are ready to go for it. Therefore we will be sharing some funky hair styles that you wouldn’t be able to ignore at all.

The girls who love to go funky with purple hairstyles we got exclusive hairstyles collection for you here.One of the most upcoming funky hairstyle trend is the boho style also know as gypsy hairstyles.Which gives a really cool funky look.Try those hairstyle with some cool bohemian outfit combination for overall chic look. Emo hairstyles have always been favorite choice by young girls.So we got some really cool emo haircuts in this collection too.

Below are some of the pictures of funky hairstyles that are not just easy but very trendy and neat. From layered cut to bangs and curls. You will surely love these hairstyles that will make you look graceful and absolutely chic. Not to forget the pony tails as it is the most liked hair style by teens. Hope you will find these pictures very helpful.


 Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls.

Teenage Celebities Funky Hairstyles

Swaggy Hairstyles teenage girls

Straight Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Pink Hairstyle teenage girls

Orange Hairstyles

Gypsy Hairstyle for teenagers

funky long haircuts

Funky hairstyles for teenage girls

Funky hairstyles for teenage girls short hairs

funky hairstyles for medium length hair

Funky emo haircuts

emo hairstyles for teenage girls

Cute hairstyles for teenage girls

Braided hairstyles for teenage girls

Best Edgy Haircuts teenagers

Boho hairstyles for teenage girls

Crazy hairstyles Teenage girls

Funky bohemian hairstyles

Funky Short Haircuts

funky hairstyles for long hair

Funky Haircuts for Teens

funky girls hairstyles

Shaggy Hairstyles

Emo Hair

funky braids

Are You Down? 5 Gorgeous Down Hairstyles to Wear Anywhere


We feature a lot of updos here at Latest-Hairstyles, but today we’re talking about down hairstyles. They’re just what they sound like: hairstyles that require zero ponytails, zero twisting, zero pinning and zero bobby pins. That’s not to say they’re a “get up and go” kind of deal, though.

You see, the perfect down ‘do is manipulated and finessed to achieve maximum gorgeous results. There are curling irons involved, flat irons, blow dryers and products to be spritzed, sprayed and slathered. Today we’re highlighting five stunning down hairstyles from hair bloggers who know their stuff. Get it, girl!

Gorgeous, Simple Wavy Hair

Grab your curling wand, a flat bristle hairbrush and some hairspray to recreate this down ‘do posted at BridalMusings.com. Says the author, “Our resident hair guru, Sev, of Hepburn Collection, said this natural, yet glamorous look has become, hands down, the most popular wedding day style among the brides he works with.” We think it’s perfect for other events, as well, not limited to formal affairs, the work place or even a meeting with friends.


From Flat to Full

Most of us aren’t blessed with a naturally full and voluminous head of hair a la shampoo commercial models or celebs on the red carpet. The truth is that pretty much everyone you see walking around with magazine-worthy tendrils have manipulated their hair in such a way that it looks effortlessly fabulous. Thanks to the CamilleStyles blog and her “from flat to full” tutorial, you can get the same look.


Sexy Messy Tutorial

Aiming for casual-meets-sexy hair that you can wear everyday? Well then, we’d like to introduce you to this “Sexy Messy Hair Tutorial” by Danique on the What I Would Buy blog. Danique says this look was inspired by the Filippa K Fall/Winter 2014 campaign and we think she nailed it. It’s got that super sultry lived in effect going on, but is still dressed up enough to wear to the office, school or wherever your feet take you.


Piecey Waves

Here’s a down ‘do that’s similar to the one above, only the final result is a more textured and piecey head of hair. According to Amanda at the Advice From a Twenty Something blog, “the key is curling very small sections of hair — 1/4 to 1/2 of an inch — and alternating the direction of each curl.” She also recommends straightening your hair first so that any texture is completely manufactured by your styling tools.  Learn more tricks and tips, plus the full how-to, at the blog.


Creating Long Lasting Curls

OK, so let’s say you’ve spent oodles of time curling your hair for a big event and then, within hours, all those curls fall flat. Talk about wasted energy! Deanna from MOPS Hair Designers gives you the 4-1-1 on creating lasting curls at the Bride Link blog, and girlfriend, she is full of wisdom. There’s more that goes into those picture-perfect curls than you may realize, but Deanna really breaks it down into easy-to-follow steps.


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