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How to make Hairstyles for Casino theme party

For people who visit a casino for the first time, first thing comes in their mind what to wear and how to make up? The dress code for Las Vegas is primarily due to the heat which is always in the city.
vegasgamblesonline.com is a Las Vegas online game which is very popular in Las Vegas. Some have theme party. They already announce what should be your dress , formal or casual. For women dress is important but they are also conscious about their hair style.

So what should be your hairstyle for casino theme party? We will discuss in this article. Women put glamor in casino party. Make up is the important part for a women. Light make up or dark make up, hair style. You hairstyle change your whole look. For women who is very busy have no time to give her long hair then for such ladies short hairstyle is best and she can be ready in short time for any event. If your face shape is oval then smooth hair style is better for you. How to make your hair is also depend upon your face shape.

In casino theme party you should know what games will be there for you. There are many games which played in casinos like bingo , slots, ukbaccarat.co.uk is
baccart online game that you can play in casino party. So your dress and hairstyle should be  comfortable for you so that you can enjoy your games with your glamor look.”

Short and Edgy–The Celebrity Undercut

Short and Trendy-The Celebrity Undercut

The Undercut

The undercut is a hairstyle that crosses gender, race and social status. Although it was first seen during WWI it didn’t become famous until the 1930’s, in the WWII military. The early undercut was also known as the SS haircut due to its popularity in the German Nazi military. In fact, the undercut became the preferred haircut for 30 years, 1930’s – 1960’s, among military personnel. From the 1970’s to 2010, the hairstyle was mostly seen on kids due to its simplicity.

Since 2010, the undercut has adapted to modern culture and style with the pompadour, the disconnected undercut, the military version and the short, medium and long hair versions.
The classic undercut is simply short sides and long top, typically 4-6 inches.

The pompadour undercut consists of the classic undercut meeting the pompadour hairstyle in which the hair is volumized by brushing up the front.

The disconnected undercut is the most popular version of the hairstyle. The sides of the hair are short and all one size, creating a noticeable contrast between the sides of the hair and the top of the hair.
The military version of the undercut is fully shaved sides and just enough hair on top to slick back.
The short men’s undercut with facial hair style is a tapered undercut that fades with the beard.
Medium undercut is higher at the temple.

Long undercut is short on the sides with the long hair laying on one side of the head.

Even though the undercut has become very popular among celebrities, each one typically has “their” own preferred version. For example; Joe Jonas prefers the classic undercut while Adam Lambert prefers the pompadour undercut. Brad Pitt has kept his military version since his movie “Fury”. Women have also been seen wearing the undercut. Ladies like Miley Cyrus and Rihanna show that the cut is no longer just for men.

Giving Assistant — A New and Better Way of Shopping Online

Have you ever found yourself in a position where you end up buying practically everything that you see in stores, and before you know it you’ve got credit card debt and don’t know how you’ll ever be able to pay it off? Above all that, you’ll never see the money you paid again. Some people use promo codes, but they rarely work. Well, now there is a free digital loyalty program called Giving Assistant ( https://givingassistant.org ) where you can get five percent back on every purchase you make. Let us provide you with some more details. How to join Before enjoying the benefits of Giving Assistant, you have to become a member. You can join with either your Facebook or your email account. When you do so, either way, you get the message “Would you like to donate some of your cash back to your favorite charity?”, and you can do so either right away or later.

When i purchased a pair of sport shoes from the Giving Assistant website i got a 15% discount deal and the shoes are very nice. And i would recommend this site to anyone. Join Giving Assistant today for great discount deals. How Giving Assistant works When you go to the homepage, you see a list of coupons available. Each is set in a square area that tells: • the business where it can be used (some are useful anywhere • what products you can use it to buy • how much you save • when it expires Clicking on the coupon gives you its code and directs you to the store, e.g. https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/macys.com where you choose the product, type in the code and buy. Retailers pay Giving Assistant a commission for those purchase that originate from their site, typically a percentage of the sale.

Giving Assistant pays the entire commission as cash back directly and digitally to members from whom purchases originate. If, on the other hand, the purchaser was a non-member, the company keeps the commission, of which it donates some to Feed America. Members have the choiceof automatically donating any percentage of their cash back to any charity of their choice. So if you want a way to really buy as much as possible while spending as little as possible, Giving Assistant is the best possible choice. There is nothing like saving money or getting cash back on the purchases you make. This is especially true when your cash back can be given to help thousands of different charities. Giving Assistant is on a mission to help people shop smarter so they save money and even end up getting cash back from their purchase. The money given back can easily be donated to help people around the world. As you make your hair care purchases, consider these online retailers that allow you to use Giving Assistant. Drugstore.com is a site that focuses on the best in healthy products, including an extensive line of hair care products. When using this site, shoppers can receive up to 8% back on all of their purchases. Shoppers will be amazed at the deals they can get for the best hair care products on the market.

QVC is a hair care lover’s paradise with some of the highest quality hair care products used by celebrities and hairstylists around the world. QVC.com offers shoppers up to 4% cash back. There is no easier way to shop for premium hair care products. Amazon.com is the perfect place to load up on hair care supplies. Prime members are given free two-day shipping and Amazon.com offers 5% back. From the comfort of your own home, you can purchase premium hair care products and save tons of money.

Aliexpress has great hair products and you can get great discounts up to 32% off hair extensions on their hair products at https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/aliexpress.com. Soap.com offers all sorts of merchandise, including hair care products at greatly discounted prices. They offer up to 6% cash back so shoppers can earn money through Giving Assistant to help make a difference in the lives of others.https://givingassistant.org/coupon-codes/soap.com

Screenshot (13)
It is simple to get cash back when shopping for hair care products. All you have to do is join Giving Assistant and find the stores you want to shop at. Browse through the selection of coupons and begin shopping for the best hair care products available. Each retailer has its own rules about cash back so it is helpful to review their policies before you get started.

I have recently shopped online at Kohl’s and Soap.com and purchased hair products at 15%. Giving Assistant offers great dicount deals better than most other online stores that i have shopped online at before.

Screenshot (11)

Printing Peach Door Hangers

Door hangers are very effective in marketing a service/product.  They are more effective than a flyer or postcard ad in the mail.  The homeowner will most likely view your offer because it doesn’t get mixed with junk mail, since it is placed on the door.  Printing Peach understands how important it is for customers to market their business and are eager to help.
When using Printing Peach for printing your door hangers, they will share with you their professionalism as well as their friendliness in getting the job done right. And they the lowest-cost on door hanger printing. If you choose to use your own graphics to print on the door hanger, you would have to upload the file to the website and they can set it up for you or you can use their blank templates.  Printing Peach can also design your door hanger, if you prefer at a flat fee of $119.  If you use Printing Peach in designing your graphics, it includes a first draft design plus up to 4 revisions.

You can request more revisions for a fee of $10 each.  A perforation can also be added to any 3.5×11 and 4.25×11 door hanger, if you like.  This is a good option because it can be used as a business card or coupon.  Most potential customers will hold onto this since it is small and convenient to keep, instead of a full door hanger. They offer various gloss finishes, such as AQ, which means glossy and UV, which means high gloss.  Your order will most likely be complete within 4-5 business days, not including file preparation or shipping times. However, rush orders are sometimes available.
Printing Peach door hangers are the #1 choice for marketing your business.  Another great reason to use Printing Peach is that they will manually check your print files, so that you won’t have to spend more money on reprints or delays. They will work with you all the way to make sure that the door hanger exceeds your expectations. Their process is simple and you can complete it online, if you wish. If you have any questions, feel free to call, text, email or log on to PrintingPeach.com for a live chat and have all of your questions answered today.

Funding Weatherproof Outerwear

OMO _8
Many people are interested in technical weatherproof outerwear. A lot of outerwear fails to really keep out the moisture even though it was supposed to protect people from the rain. The weatherproof outerwear that actually works is often very uncomfortable. People who are lucky enough to find weatherproof outerwear that is both effective and comfortable will often struggle to find weatherproof outerwear that also manages to be appropriately stylish. Todd Listwin’s Kickstarter campaign is all about trying to provide people with a product that will actually fill this need, which will truly make all the difference for people who spend a lot of time outdoors and who want to do it in style.

One Man Outerwear is truly modern outerwear. It is the sort of outerwear that people really could not have purchased years ago, regardless of whether or not it was produced and distributed through a Kickstarter project. A piece of One Man Outerwear is equipped with a windproof membrane in between two stylish layers of fabric. As such, people can stay warm in their outerwear and defend themselves against cold and blustery days. However, from the outside, people won’t even notice the difference. It is the inner workings of the coat that makes a difference, as opposed to the outer layers.


This type of outerwear was still designed to breath effectively, which is why it is significantly more comfortable than the sort of outerwear that people will often wear in this situation. The fabric layers themselves are one hundred percent cotton, which should make all the difference for consumers who are interested in avoiding polyester and embracing more natural fibers. They will get the best of both worlds with these weatherproof outerwear coats.

One Man Outerwear is more or less the male alternative to what this company was producing previously. They specialized in providing this kind of effective yet stylish outerwear for women, and they were very successful at it. Now, they have expanded their range of production, and the producers can provide for male customers. This Canadian company can supply people with excellent outerwear from all over the world.

If all goes according to plan, One Man Outerwear will be unveiled in October 2015. Their goal for funding is $100,000 U.S. dollars. As of June, they have already managed to generate nearly fifteen thousand dollars, so the Kickstarter campaign is going fairly successfully. There are plenty of people on Kickstarter who will barely have raised any money at all a few months before their deadline, so people who have managed to fund a substantial portion of their campaigns already are certainly in luck. They clearly have already attracted a substantial following, which will certainly serve them well. Of course, Kickstarter campaigns can always use more assistance, especially during these comparatively early stages.


People should try to lend this and other Kickstarter campaigns all the support that they can offer. Because these kinds of campaigns put the power in the hands of the consumers and in the hands of the producers who are interested in creating great products.

Angelina Jolie Steps Out in the Best Shoe for Summer Travel

Angelina Jolie


Angelina Jolie

 Photo: JJ / Hewitt / Splash News

The Cannes Film Festival might have rejected flats but the fashion community, and everyone else, still loves the wardrobe staple. And with A-listers like Cate Blanchett, Jennifer Lawrence, and Aymeline Valade sporting them everywhere from the street to the red carpet, the practical shoe is getting a decidedly fancy upgrade. Arriving at London Heathrow with son Maddox, actress Angelina Jolie cut a lean figure in a sleek all-black look. but it was her subtle nude slippers that stole the show.

While air travel is never easy or enjoyable, Jolie wears the ideal traveling ensemble in shades of black, adding contrast with a weathered Louis Vuitton keepall. The jacket is perfect for boarding passes and any trinkets belonging to the little Jolie-Pitts, while the trousers keep a clean line. To fast-track your way through security, slip on streamlined skimmers like these; they’ll make your look first class in a heartbeat.

The Top 5 Gifts To Avoid for Father’s Day

It’s that time of the year and all the fashion male magazines are in in full swing promoting what to buy for your Dad. Did you know now that most gifts given are actually either never used or stacked away for them to pass on to someone else. Yes your gift could be in the unwanted list for 2015.  Yes that is the harsh reality of unwanted gifts. Now commercially Father’s day is another excuse to buy your Dad some materialistic loving. So I thought I would scout about and see some things that your poor Dad will have to endure on fathers day.

You see that’s the beauty about your Dad. He has to still put up with you all these years let alone your gifts or in this case your unwanted gifts.

Keep Calm And Don’t Even Think About Buying It

When the idea first about the keep calm t-shirt came out I thought it was funny. But my goodness what an overkill and this t-shirt just adds to the poor taste when it comes to after thought gifts.

Yellow Card Keep Calm T-shirt

Crocs Move On

I am sure your Dad has loads of them.  There comes a time when one has to hand in the towel in this case the crocs and say. Dad it ain’t going to happen nor on land let alone in water.


Not So Clever Underwear

Now I am all for inspirational underwear. But where on earth would your Dad choose to wear these.  As for cartoon underwear it’s always a big no and for sex appeal there is nothing sexy about this.



Nasty Caps

Caps are not my favorite accessory. But when it comes to white caps let alone ones with stupid captions like this. Then it’s a huge no for you and your dad. Remember he will get asked where did you get your cap from? Guess what his answer will be?


Socks And Sandals Hell No

OMG goodness can we still believe that most dad’s out there would choose to accept let alone wear this combination. It is up to you the child to rethink about your Dad’s wardrobe. Don’t give the idea out then he may not have an option to wear it. So avoid buying him some sandals, and if you do teach him how they are worn, that is if your dad is open to be taught by you.


The greatest gift to give your Dad is you. And you just being there. Or even more encouraging why don’t you ask your Dad about what he thought of you as a kid.

Louis Vuitton – ICONOCLASTS Luxury Bags

Louis Vuitton Iconoclasts

Louis Vuitton celebrates their famous monogram with the reveal of the icon and the iconoclasts project: six renowned creatives; Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson and Rei Kawakubo. All have each been given artistic freedom to create a bag or luggage set, keeping in mind the French luxury house’s spirit of collaboration and innovation.

Marc Newson


Newson’s sculptural backpack features a monogram canvas that provides structural support, while soft shearling lends comfort and accents the biomorphic shape. Inside, the roomy space pockets keep belongings organized.

‘I design things that fundamentally I would like to own. Most of the time I am presented with a very defined task. This time I ultimately thought of the typology myself: a backpack. I set about trying to collate all of my experiences over the years of owning a backpack. I wanted to concentrate all of the features that I love and try and put them into the piece. Making the thing stand up for example was very important, I hate when you wear a backpack, take it off and it just falls over. This bag has a structure inside to enable it to stand´ quoted Marc.

I wanted to explore the monogram functional qualities.’ he says of the iconic Louis Vuitton emblem ‘if you go back to the reason why the monogram canvas was invented, it’s because it’s durable and it’s weather proof. In the bag it performs a very specific function; I deliberately used it around the base so it almost became like a tyre on a car, or a sole on a shoe. Obviously you still see it, but it has a purpose. I wanted it to be fun as well — I don’t like when things take themselves too seriously. I want objects that put a smile on people’s faces, make them laugh and question their own seriousness. I used a textile that juxtaposed the utility of the monogram with something more light-hearted, that’s why I chose to use the furry sheepskin. It’s cuddly and warm and comes in bright colors, but it is also durable and like a pillow; if I ever want to prop the bag up and have a snooze I can.

Which Disney Princess Would Gigi Hadid Love to Be? A Game of Pictionary with Michael Kors Reveals All

Which Disney Princess Would Gigi Hadid Love to Be? A Game of Pictionary with Michael Kors Reveals All

Taylor Hill/Film Magic

In the first-ever Glamour Games video short from Michael Kors, the designer and model Gigi Hadid battle it out in a must-see game of fashion Pictionary. The two begin by quizzing each other on their favorite fashion trends and icons (Jackie Kennedy is Kors’s, naturally). What does Hadid think is the best invention in the last 100 years? Instagram, of course. And while the model may lose her grip on the score halfway through the challenge, she doesn’t fail to maintain an upbeat, playful attitude. As for Kors, the quick-witted designer delivers the comedic remarks he’s known for. “If you think that there’s any possibility of you winning, you’re mistaken,” he quips. Our favorite bit, however, has Hadid drawing the lush ‘do and long tail of Ariel from The Little Mermaid when asked what Disney princess she’d be. Kors’s response: The picture looks more like Cher. Thanks to the game, we also now know that the model loves to indulge in cheeseburgers and to rock a fresh pair of Stan Smith kicks.

Watch the full video below to see who takes home the prize, which according to Hadid, is a Britney Spears jam session packed with plenty of hamburgers on the side.



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Do Hair Extensions Thicken Thin Hair?

Fact and fiction. While hair extensions will not actually make your hair thicker, they will give you the appearance of thicker hair.

Hayden Panettiere
The length of celebrity Hayden Panettiere was made possible with the help of hair extensions, and her natural hair combined  with layers to add fullness and thickness from the mid-lengths to her ends.

If you’re a man that has always had long hair, but began noticing bald patches and/or a receding hairline, hair extensions are good for a temporary solution. We emphasize the word temporary because extensions add weight to your hair. While they may look good for the time being, extensions put stress on your hair follicles.

If you’ve opted for hair extensions you have a large selection. You can choose synthetic extensions or actual human hair. What’s the difference, you ask? The look, the feel, and the price! Human hair extensions tends to be much more expensive than synthetic hair, however they last longer and you can style them as you would your own hair.

Human hair extension do require more care than synthetic extensions but blend with your own natural hair better. The integrity and look of synthetic extensions will also degrade over time when styling heated styling tools. Despite this, you can find both synthetic and human hair extensions to match the color, texture, and style of your own natural hair.

Your hair extensions will be applied randomly in rows throughout the bottom of your hairline. They’re applied directly to your own hair (hence we warn about them pulling on your hair, promoting further bald patches/hair loss). Once they are attached to your hair, you can wash your hair and style it as if the extensions were your actual hair. There are positives and negatives on hair extensions. The positives seem to out weight the negatives.

Check references if the salon has given you some. This is a touchy subject since most salon clients that get hair extensions do not want everyone knowing that they have them.

Positive Reasons for Hair Extensions
Thin Hair? Go to your local salon for hair extensions. A few hours later, you’ll walk out with a full thick head of natural looking hair. If you keep your hair short because of your thinning hair–this is your opportunity to have long hair. Put it up or leave it down.

Picture of Jessica Simpson with Hair Extensions
You can get also achieve full, fabulous locks fast with quality Clip-In 100% Human Hair Extension from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. You have probably seen them on celebrities like like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Selena Gomez.

In the video below my friend Erin will show you how can easily you can add length and volume to your own hair with a virtually undetectable hair extension.

And best of all it can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes and is a fraction of the cost will pay in salons.

Negatives? Perhaps’
If you’re thinking about hair extensions, you should do your homework. High quality extensions can cost anywhere from several hundred dollars into the thousands. We know, WOW. That’s a pretty hefty price tag to pay every three months (maybe sooner!). If you’re already thinning from hair dyes, perms, or long hair that was worn too tightly–hair extensions may promote further damage. You should consult with your beautician before deciding if extensions are right for you.

Explain your situation and any trepidations you may have. If you’re experiencing hair loss–you must discuss these details. Your beautician may have an entirely different solution! Associated articles can be found at: Hair Weaving and Hair Grafting, All About Hair Extensions.